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President, IMA GROUP Holding Company
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President, IMA Press CA
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General Director, IMA Press CA
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Deputy General Director
Denis Zhiltsov
Managing Director
Vadim Aleynikov
Creative Director
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Head of Content Policy Department
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Head of PR Department
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Deputy General Director for Organizational Issues

The world is constantly changing, and in order to remain successful, any business, public entity or cultural institution has to change even faster, divining and calculating trends, and not just for today and tomorrow. In our information age, communications are no less significant than the economy.

Relativity of all structures, rapid movement of goal posts and reassessment of values are the governing rules of the modern era. Success comes to those that can predict and read the noosphere, react quickly and resolutely shift gears.

Information about the world is what drives the world.

Nowadays, successful interaction with any audience is impossible without an attractive image, a proven reputation and an intelligently designed communications strategy. You have to know what you’re doing if you expect to market yourself anywhere and obtain money, power or popularity in return.

We know how to do this, and we will happily work together with you in posing and resolving any questions, regardless of how complex they may appear. We have the technology that can provide results.

IMA Press has been a leader in the Russian communications market for over two decades, and continues to work in its development as one of the founders of practically all its professional entities. IMA Press is a member of ICOM, the international network of independent communications agencies, and is ICOM’s exclusive representative in Russia, as well as the official Russian representative to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

We invite you to work with us!

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The structure of IMA PRESS was designed in such a way as to most competently develop all the key areas of communication:

The professionalism of IMA PRESS in the area of comprehensive marketing communications is the end result of more than twenty years of operations. We offer our clients the future results of our efforts, and then we strive for those results with maximum effectiveness.

Development of strategic solutions based on research and analytics, tactical deployment of operations, a professional approach to problem solving at all levels of complexity and scrupulous attention to all project details ensure consistently high quality in the services provided by IMA PRESS.

Conducting all types and extent of comprehensive marketing and sociological research

  • Examination of the competitive environment of the company
  • Consumer market research
  • Strategic marketing
  • Examination of the company brand (product), development of recommendations for positioning and promotion
  • Development of positioning and promotion strategies
  • Creation of a platform for positioning the company, their brand and public image
  • Testing creative products with focus groups
  • Regular and retrospective monitoring of the media and the blogosphere
  • Comprehensive analysis of information threats and risks
  • Education and training
Public Relations
Conducting PR campaigns

  • Media planning and conducting advertising campaigns of all sizes
  • Developing PR strategies
  • Developing and planning PR campaigns in the media and via the Internet
  • Creative concept design and design concepts for campaigns
  • Preparation of cases, success stories and special multimedia products (video, photo, etc.)
  • Coordinating with the media, conducting information campaigns, organizing press events (interviews, press conferences, press tours, briefings), media monitoring and media analytics
  • Preparation and conducting of tenders, selection of performers, full control and evaluation of al projects in the marketing, advertising, and PR area
Creating communications infrastructure

  • Design and followup in development of communications strategies
  • Comprehensive PR support, including subscriber services
  • Setting up regular coordination with expert and high-profile media associations
  • Consulting and conducting media training sessions
  • Information analysis services
  • Creating news events
  • Organizing and entering sections and articles in the media and blogs
  • Organizing exclusive press events
  • Anti-crisis PR 
  • Image control for company directors and top managers (research and analysis of their reputations, individual consulting and assistance, personalized professional training sessions)
  • Development of a social policy for the company, informational and advertising assistance for social projects and sponsorships
Conducting of Internet campaigns

We provide consultation for international and Russian organizations, offering approaches and resolving communications issues in their ongoing operations to fulfil strategic plans and in crisis situations.

We offer a comprehensive approach to resolving communications issues, enabling our clients to achieve their strategic goals.

We independently create communications strategies, develop relations with Internet opinion leaders and provide reputation management and client positioning services on the international, federal and regional levels.

  • Completion of comprehensive projects using a full spectrum of digital tools
  • Design of Internet communications strategies
  • Creation of comprehensive portals and information spaces
  • SMM, working in the blogosphere and social network sites
  • Creative, design and creation of multimedia products
  • Developing non-standard advertising campaigns and viral marketing
  • Developing mobile applications
  • Education and training in skills for developing a digital image
  • Media planning, conducting advertising campaigns
  • Consulting, monitoring and analytics
Creative, identity and branding

  • Positioning, brand platform, naming
  • Creating a logo, company style and developing of a brand book
  • Creative for image and product campaigns
  • Designing unique multimedia formats: image video, multimedia presentations
  • Slogans, advertising copy, scenarios
  • Graphics: design, pre-press and production
  • Developing design concepts
  • Graphic design
  • Designing exhibit displays and interiors
  • Printing any paper products
  • Full spectrum of souvenir products, from mass production of souvenirs for promotions to exclusive extra-vip presents
  • Preparing decorative cardboard packages, advertising materials and corrugated cardboard

  • Preparing and conducting of major international events in Russia, the CIS and other foreign venues
  • Turnkey organization of events of any genre and on any scale, from developing the creative idea to its realization
  • Organizing participation in trade shows
  • Organizing and conducting corporate vacations
  • Conducting round tables and conferences
  • Conducting mass urban events and flash mobs
Clients and projects
Report of the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship

Creative brochure – conceptual development, design and proof, production  

  • Creative concepts in preparing the material
  • Content selection, copywriting
  • Design and proof
  • Illustrations
  • Print run 
The edition is richly illustrated, with key illustrations done by the famous cartoonist Andrey Bilzho.

Other projects for this client
International conference STARTUP VILLAGE

The international event STARTUP VILLAGE is the largest startup conference in Russia.

  • The format of this event is unconventional; instead of the usual discussion formats, the accent is on pitch presentations by startup companies to investors and presentations by investors to startup companies.
  • Organizational support for the conference and advertising and informational assistance.

Other projects for this client
APEC Summit in Vladivostok

  • Development of a single stylistic design 
  • Production of advertising material and souvenirs 
  • Integrated arrangement of conference meeting areas. 


Foresight "Geology of the Future"

On March 14 the first expert session of Foresight "Geology of the Future" was held at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. In the course of the work more than 100 participants discussed the prospects for the development of domestic geology in key areas, assessed key trends and global risks that could influence the further development of the Russian geological industry. Discrepancies in the blocks of forecasts for individual areas were revealed in the discussions and proceeded to develop consolidated solutions with taking into account all certain factors. On April 27 within the walls of the JSC Rosgeologya passed an expert working session of Foresight. The event aimed to familiarize experts with the materials and the structure of the road map, which was presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in June, 2017. Experts discussed such issues as the geological industry of Russia by the beginning of the 2050s, the state administration of the industry, the development of branch science and education and others.

Conducting of the International Student Forum under the Russia – Italy Year 2011

  • Development of the organization’s image
  • Advertising and souvenir product models. Organizing and conducting the 2011 event

Similar projects
Other projects for this client
The Skolkovo Foundation

  • Production of advertising material and souvenirs
  • Organizing of the event venue
  • Organizing of media exposure
  • Organizing of events (exhibits, presentations, round tables, conferences, etc.)
  • Production of advertising material, souvenirs and stands
  • Internet projects: special projects, the website, working with social networking sites
 Since 2011

Other projects for this client
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Meetings of ministers A Fursenko and D. Livanov with bloggers in 2012

70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War (1945-2015)

To celebrate the anniversary of V-Day in 2015 IMA-Press developed the official website of the holiday, which managed to score a maximum of 309 000 unique users per day and in total the website was visited more than 6 900 000 time in the first half of 2015. The website became the main source of information about the history of the War, providing the program of the V-Day celebration. Also there was created an official mobile app for iOS & Android platform which were downloaded more than 390 000 times. There users could read news, watch important events live, download ringtones and pictures. Traditionally IMA-Press conducted the works on development and producing official souvenirs and decorations for the Red Square.

Other projects for this client
The Russian Federal Tax Service

  • Assessment of the organization’s image, design and production of printed material
  • Development of the organization’s image and creation of a brand book

Other projects for this client
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

  • Preparing and conducting press events
  • Informational assistance for activities
  • Internet projects: creation of new resources and official representation on social networking sites, conducting competitions, special projects and production of video materials

FGC UES at the Petersburg International Economic Forum

  • Development of FGC UES round table concepts for the Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2011
  • Exposure through the mass media of the round table and the series of contracts signed by the FGC UES with partners during the Petersburg International Economic Forum

Other projects for this client
The Yeltsin Epoch. Formal events highlighting the 80th Birthday of Boris Yeltsin

  • Design of organizational image, production of advertising material and souvenirs
  • Arranging for photo display and venue for the events

Similar projects
Other projects for this client
Rollout of Sukhoi SuperJet 100

  • Event concept and scenario
  • Graphics and souvenirs – design and production
  • Organizational, information and PR assistance for rollout in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Other projects for this client
Aleksandr Budberg’s “Photo Album”

Aleksandr Budberg’s Photo Album

  • Design, pre-press and production of the book for A. Budberg
  • Organizing presentation of the book


Other projects for this client
Russian Language Week in Italy

IMA-Press was an organizer of “Russian Language Week in Italy“, which was held within the framework of Russia-Italy dialogue-forum in the field of civil society’s interaction. The forum was established on the initiative of the President of the Russian federation and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy in 2004. A grand tour about 1500 kilometers from Verona to Rome included such cities as Bologna, Florence, Siena and Perugia. There were 14 trucks with books, movies, souvenirs and Russian meals – all that to bring Russia closer to the Italians. The events’ program included exhibitions, concerts, round tables, workshops, lectures, multimedia presentations, educational programs, fairs, open lessons in Russian language. In total there were more than 35 activities in which took part 2,5 thousand of people.

Other projects for this client
65 Years of Victory

Celebrating the 65th anniversary of our victory

  • Emblem design, designing and production of advertising material and souvenirs
  • Conducting of «Songs of Victory and Letters from the Front» promotion events in hero cities and cities of military glory
  • Creating of websites
  • The Russia-wide event “Hooray for Victory”. Advertising and informational support for the event



IMA-Press. 18 Bolshoy Ovchinnikovsky pereulok, build. 4, Moscow 115184

Telephone: +7495 956 28 82 Fax: +7495 951 89 63 E-mail:

Our virtual museum collection will continue to grow!

Did you know that…IMA has printed many books and albums at a loss – because the authors were interesting.


The history of IMA Press began in the spring of 1989, when the Novosti Press Agency and the Union of Journalists of the USSR founded a new non-governmental organization, the Information Youth Agency – IMA in Russian – whose vital element was some of the most active and talented young journalists of the APN (Agency for Political News).

On that base the then-iconic IMA Press Publishing House grew, working together with highly talented designers and graphic artists. IMA Press printed their albums and books and organized events. Most of the publishing projects were innovative for their time. Many books that we have published have become collector’s items today.

IMA Press has expended over its twenty year operating history thanks to constantly growing demand and the complexity in work requested. The organization has added accomplished specialists to its staff and accumulated experience in solving problems at all levels of complexity. IMA Press today is an advertising agency and publishing house offering a full spectrum of advertising and communications services.

We have always held an active position in the market; we were a participant in shaping the standards of conducting business and consolidation of the market. In 1993, IMA Press was a co-founder of the Russian Association of Advertising Agencies (now the RACA – Russian Association of Communications Agencies), and since that time has been one of its most active and prominent members.

The agency’s assets include prizes and awards from numerous design and advertising competitions, both Russian and international.